Bangkok Smile Aesthetic Clinic

Bangkok Smile Aesthetic Clinic is a part of Bangkok Smile Dental group who is an accredited Dental Clinic in Thailand by international standard certification on both dental clinic and in-house dental lab.

For over 15 years of experience in a full range of high quality dental service, Bangkok Dental Group has launched a new branch in Sukhumvit 5 area called “MedAsia Healthcare Complex”14 floors building which is a significant step to expand the business into new territories to strengthen Aesthetic and Dental care service and also increase the capability of clinic to efficiently handle the customer from abroad and domestic.

The founder and executive vision was set up based on merging medical service and cosmetic surgery service which our business group and partners have been providing a full range of service for foreign customer for almost two decades. With long record of professional service, Bangkok Smile Aesthetic Clinic is ready to launch its full cosmetic and aesthetic service operation. We aim to bring in the latest dental innovations to intensify plastic surgery design to excel our potential of cooperation between our well-experienced and skilled physician and professional dentist for the best result and utmost satisfaction for our customer. “Beauty…”

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