Durathin Veneers

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main advantage of DURATHIN® Veneers?

The main advantage of these ultra-thin veneers is that NO tooth preparation is required. In some cases, some tooth modifications are unfortunately inevitable, which depends on the condition and position of the tooth being treated. However, such modifications would be very minimal.

These brilliant DURATHIN® Veneers can create a beautiful, bright smile with perfectly aligned, shapely teeth that looks real and very natural. They can be directly bonded to the facial (front) surface of your existing teeth without the need for tooth preparation thus eliminating the need for an injection; thus making the procedure quicker, less uncomfortable, and sensitivity-free.

Are DURATHIN® Veneers long lasting like traditional ones?

Made of ultra-thin (0.2 – 0.4mm) porcelain, DURATHIN® are like contact lenses. Prior to bonding, DURATHIN® are extremely fragile because they are very very thin. However, once they are bonded to the tooth enamel, which is the strongest part of your teeth, they entirely become long lasting while producing totally natural results. Now you understand why DURATHIN® are the easier and healthier way to create your truly amazing smile.

Who will benefit from these brilliant DURATHIN® Veneers?

  • People who have small teeth for a variety of reasons, including genetic factors and external causes such as acid erosion.
  • People with gaps between teeth.
  • People with short or worn teeth.
  • People with discolorations on teeth.
  • Orthodontic cases that result in narrow arch forms with the teeth that tilt inwards.
  • People with misshapen teeth.
  • People with narrow smiles.

Why should I choose DURATHIN® Veneers over other prepless veneers?

DURATHIN® Veneers are believed to provide more natural translucency than other prepless veneers in the market. The key factors to this are how DURATHIN® Veneers are artistically designed, starting from the layering of the porcelain to the selection of particular techniques to achieve the end result that does not look thick or bulky.

With appropriate contours and beautiful shades of porcelain, DURATHIN® Veneers will allow you to look and feel the same like with your natural teeth.

I’ve heard that a veneer procedure hurts, is that true with DURATHIN® Veneers?

Most dental veneers procedures require removal of tooth structure so there is pain and discomfort involved while DURATHIN® Veneers procedure is completely pain-free. DURATHIN® Veneers do not require grinding, cutting, or filing of tooth structure, hence no injections are needed. In addition, no uncomfortable temporaries are required while you are waiting for your DURATHIN® Veneers to be fabricated. There is no discomfort or sensitivity during and after DURATHIN® Veneers are placed, which means they will look natural and feel comfortable right from the start.

Can I have my DURATHIN® Veneers removed later?

DURATHIN® Veneers are fitted on your teeth without the need to file down your natural tooth structure. If you ever wanted to have them removed, your natural smile would still be intact. So YES!...DURATHIN® Veneers can be safely removed without any damage to your natural teeth.

DURATHIN® Veneers Promo Prices

Dental Veneer "Extreme Makeover" Our Price
The ultrathin porcelain veneer “Durathin” (Less than 6 teeth per jaw). Originally from THB 22,000 per tooth. 18,000
(per tooth)
545 693 783
Special promotion for the ultrathin porcelain Veneer “Durathin" (6 teeth or more in the same jaw). 16,000
(per tooth)
485 616 696