Our Partnership with Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic

A Momentous Partnership

Our partnership with the world-leader in implantology and dental aesthetics takes our dental practice to the highest level of world-class dentistry standard in the Land of Smiles.

As a partner, Bangkok Smile Dental Group truly believes in the notion that Dentistry is an Art, hence we have integrated the Malo Clinic's core principle "The Art of creating Smiles" to our clinical practices and our own core principle that "Great Smiles starts here" in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • ✔ Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic has successfully expanded its PROTOCOL in partner clincis and its own clinics in 5 continents, 17 countries and 51 cities worldwide.
  • ✔ Worldwide Network - Its innovative techniques are available throughout the world to be accessible to a large number of people.
  • ✔ Bangkok Smile Dental ClinicL PROTOCOL - All Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic practices the same medi-cal protocol and delivers a high quality stand-ard of medical services.

Maintenance Protocol

A major factor in the high success rates in the cases treated at the Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic is the maintenance protocol. Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic has a guideline and a calendar of appointments that the patient follows to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The patient is scheduled periodically for oral hygiene appointments and radiographic follow up. This minimizes the risk of failure and ensures that the patient receives proper post-operative instructions. Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic follows a holistic approach and believes that patient education is crucial in a long-lasting restoration.

Days after Surgery:

    0 days Oral Hygiene + Surgery
    10th Suture removal + Oral Hygiene + Panoramic or Periapical X-ray
    60th Oral Hygiene
    120th Oral Hygiene + Periapical X-ray
    6 months or after placement of final prosthesis Oral Hygiene
    After the 1st year Oral Hygiene according to instructions + Annual X-ray