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Welcome to Ourcases :: VENEER ::

I promised myself I would contact Bangkok Smile after having my treatment and returning home to Australia.
After doing extensive research into where the best cosmetic dental surgery could be achieved and finding glowing reviews from credible sources such as "The Age" and "Sydney Morning Herald". I knew that Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic was going to be a very reliable and trustworthy investment.
The idea of any type of surgery in a foreign country is quite daunting. However, this thought was put at ease from the moment I arrived at your clinic in Bangkok. The staff were almost overly helpful and made sure my needs were met at all times throughout my consolations and surgery.
I would recommend anyone who is thinking about dental surgery overseas to look no further than Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic. An amazingly cost effective and time efficient dental surgery.
I have attached some photos from a most recent photo shoot that definitely show off the great work you guys have achieved. Feel free to use these photos for any promotional or marketing purposes.

Best regards, Andy Marsh
Irregular shape teeth
Elaine had chipped upper teeth that were also uneven. She was unhappy with the colour but was keen to keep a very natural look.

These photographs further illustrate the process of laminating teeth with a thin veneer of porcelain. The resulting cosmetics, function, and durability are superb.

Treatment: 10 porcelain veneers at upper teeth
Duration: 2 appointments in 10 days
Customer Speak: 'It's the best money I've ever spent, I should have done it years ago.'

Elaine / New York, USA
Poor old crown and unhealthy um
Angie had old crown on the top teeth nd her natural teeth were yellow. Now, she has a new clean white smile.

- Gum Reshaping
- Laser tooth whitening
- Porcelain Veneers
- New All Porcelain Crown (Metal-Free)
- New tooth color filling at lateral tooth

1 appointment for gum reshaping
1 appointment for laser tooth whitening
2 appointments for new porcelain crown and veneers
1 appointment for new tooth colored filling

Customer Speak: "Now I don't cover my mouth when smiling, thanks."

Angie / New Zealand
Spaced teeth Sara had large gaps between her upper front teeth.
Her main concern was that the teeth didn't look too large when closing the space.
Porcelain veneers and gum reshaping were used, to ensure that an even balanced smile was created. The veneers were matched to her natural tooth colour

- Gum Reshaping
- Porcelain Veneers

1 appointment for gum reshaping
2 appointments in 7 days for porcelain veneers.

Customer Speak: "I feel so much happier with my new smile."

Sara / Australia
Crowded Teeth and Gummy Smile
Smile changes like this can make a big ifference in a person's life. Paul found that his increased self confidence helped in all aspects of his life.

Treatment:Gum reshaping with veneers and crowns at upper teeth

1 appointment for gum reshaping
2 appointments in 7 days for porcelain crowns and veneers

Customer Speak:"People are always commenting on my beautiful smile."

Paul / Los Angeles, USA
Uneven Teeth and Unaesthetic Crowns
Tracey was very unhappy with the three unsightly crowns at the front of her mouth. She also felt her teeth were too short and she showed too much gum when she smiled. A gum lift was carried out to improve the gum levels. Porcelain veneers were used to improve the colour and the shape of the teeth.

- Laser tooth whitening
- Corrected with Gum Reshaping
- 8 Porcelain Veneers

1 appointment for cosmetic gum reshaping
2 appointments in 7 days for porcelain veneers

Customer Speak: "Thanks for a wonderful smile you're marvellous."

Tracey / London, UK
Uneven Teeth and Unaesthetic Crowns
Big gap and misaligned teeth in upper.

Treatment: 6 porcelain veneers

Duration: 3 visits in 7 days

Mr. Brandon / USA
Uneven Teeth and Unaesthetic Crowns
Tetracycline stained teeth with dark band at the neck of each tooth.

Treatment: 16 porcelain veneers

Duration: 3 visits in 8 days

Miss Chua / Hong Kong
Uneven Teeth and Unaesthetic Crowns
Irregular shaped teeth with gaps between teeth.

Treatment:6 porcelain veneers

Duration: 2 visits in 5 days

Miss Brigitte / UK
Uneven Teeth and Unaesthetic Crowns
Improperly aligned and irregular shaped teeth. A shift left upper central incisor caused by the loss of the right central incisor.

Treatment:7 porcelain veneers

Duration: 3 visits in 7 dayss

Mr. Uli / Germany
Gary Newman / Australia
Treatment:Veneers, Root Canal, Crowns
Miss. Fawn B./ Australia
Treatment:Veneer, Zoom

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