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TLC provides a payment plan

TLC provides a payment plan We offer the payment option for Australian only.

TLC payment plan has the flexibility to provide you as quickly as you want, this payment plan covers any cosmetic fees and related costs like flights or accommodation. The interest rate is determined by the applicant's score, however, these rates are very competitive and the interest charged is restricted to the term you wish to use.


  This payment option available for Australian only.

  For any specific questions regarding the payment plans, prompt them to call us directly at 1300 045 047.

  To streamline the application process, we can arrange a direct application link through your website or you can refer the client to

  The whole process is carried out in-house by TLC.

  A client must demonstrate proof of income and have no poor credit history at present.

  We fund all medical and cosmetic treatments as well as any associated costs.

  Our payment plans cover loans of up to $50,000 per client.

  In most cases, a client will be .

  conditionally approved within 24-48 hours of TLC receiving proof of income.

  We fund into the client's nominated account & your clinic is updated with disbursement confirmation.

  Our service is nationwide across Australia


Standard Payment Ready Reckoner

Purchase Price
(inc GST)
$5,000 $25
$20,000 $95
$25,000 $125
$30,000 $145
$35,000 $160
$40,000 $190
$50,000 $225

Quotes: 1300 045 047 Application:

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