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Why you should plan dental tourism?

Dental and medical tourists like to have a trip to other countries for different reasons. Some of the people are immigrants, and they want to travel back to their home countries for care. Some other people travel because a certain treatment or procedure is not available in their country.

1 Mar 2021

Tips to plan perfect dental holiday Thailand

It is time to plan a dentist holiday. If you plan to spend your vacations uniquely, this is the wise decision to enjoy and take care of your health. Thailand is the best place to visit for dental treatment as well as tourism.

26 Feb 2021

Guide for tooth implant

There are many reasons for tooth damage, and the good news is that they are repairable in most scenarios. You may be experiencing the pain in some cases, while in other scenarios, cracked or broken teeth may not cause pain. Wisdom and back tooth are more exposed to decay-induced break.

26 Feb 2021

Dental clinic Thailand tooth implants

So, you are thinking to go for a safe and reliable dental implant in these vacations. It is a good idea. Why do not you plan your holiday in Thailand this year? Dental tourism is highly popular in Thailand because it is a worth living place, and you will love visiting this destination.

25 Feb 2021

Elder dental care is important

Normally good oral health care and natural defenses for the body such as flossing and daily brushing can help you controlling your hygiene. It keeps all the bacteria under control without proper oral hygiene. If you suffer from an oral infection, then you may lose your teeth.

25 Feb 2021

Reasons to have all on 4 dental implants

Are you planning your holidays? Spending your holidays in Thailand is a good idea because you can enjoy the best dental treatment here. In this way, you can enjoy a dental holiday Thailand. It can be the best option for you because the dental clinic is well-equipped with modern equipment. They help you with all types of dental treatments.

24 Feb 2021

Dentist Holidays

Planning a dentist holiday stays on the to-do list. Almost every time a senior citizen goes on vacation because keeping their health a priority is always the right decision. Still, unfortunately, most of the time, it's never marked off of the list. But what better opportunity than quarantine to put your plans into action for this dental holidays! Yes, You read that right!

24 Feb 2021


Last week, Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC proudly welcomed Dr. Paulo Malo, the founder and CEO of MALO CLINIC WORLDWIDE to Thailand.

Dr. Paulo Malo was invited to be a speaker for the special occasion of “Bangkok International Symposium of Implant Dentistry 2017".

In the event, lots of dental innovations were shown and discussed, in term of making Thailand to be the leading of dental center in South-East Asia

17 Dec 2017

Television as a leading dental clinic

We are featured on channel broadcast over television as a leading dental clinic on dental tourism treating international patients worldwide.

11 Dec 2014

For a world-class smile and quality dental care

For a world-class smile and quality dental care right here in Bangkok, Thailand! Since 2003, Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic has become the pioneering provider of cosmetic, restorative, family dentistry and oral surgery. Committed to providing you quality treatments and superior customer service.

15 Feb 2016

All-on-4™ Dental Implant: A Life-changing Dental Solution for Edentulous Patients

Do you wish you could have a brand new smile that you can show off with confidence? If you have been considering dental implants as an option, here are 5 amazing reasons why taking that next step can change your whole life for the better and some of the major benefits of All-on-4™ dental implants.

21 Feb 2016

FAQ: My teeth are in really bad shape. Am I still a candidate for dental implants?

In our experience, most people can safely receive dental implants. Even age is not necessarily a factor when determining dental implant placement. Whether you’re missing one tooth or many, dental implants may be the best choice for you. Plus, at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic

23 Feb 2016

Change Your Smile .. Change Your Life with Bangkok Smile Dental

Restore your smile with dental implants. Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic is a specialist in restoring your perfect smile and replacing your missing teeth. We have successfully treated patients from around the world with premium quality dental Implants. It is our job to ensure that you get the highest quality care that you deserve.

11 Dec 2014

Dental Tourism in Thailand | Low Cost Dental Treatment in Thailand at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic

At Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC, all we want is for you to experience the most amazing dental holiday in Bangkok

26 Feb 2016

Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic offers a variety of oral care options

Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic offers a variety of oral care options aimed at helping you have a brighter, whiter smile and healthier teeth. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

28 Feb 2016

TEETH-IN-24-HOURS: Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic

Same Day, Immediate Dental Implants in 24 Hours with Malo Clinic All-on-4 at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic

1 March 2017

Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC   proudly welcome Ms. Vanessa Peh who is a famous Singapore actress to our clinic in Bangkok. Ms. Peh visited us for getting a nice smile which is more impressive and having a great holiday in this lively capital city of Thailand 

Make the most of your holiday to Bangkok worth it with the dental service that you truly deserve, for FREE online consultation, please feel free to contact us at