Are you from Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Middle East or Europe where the cost of the dental treatment is extremely high and not affordable anymore?

Then you may consider to travel to Thailand for a great exotic vacation and fix your teeth at the fractional cost of what is being charged back home. Thousands of new and repeat patients arrive at Bangkok Smile MALO DENTAL every month to receive high quality dental treatment at affordable and reasonable prices compared to back home. Listen to some of the patients and see what they say about their experience at Bangkok Smile MALO DENTAL.
Mrs. Mardi Fry

" I come to get work done on my teeth with my brother. The staff and eveybody involved with the Malo Clinic are fantastic, I highly recommend their service to anyone considering getting teeth work done.
A few of my friends back home were skeptical of overseas work, but sine seeing my teeth before and after work, they would com here also for work done.
Highly recommend, fantastic experience "

Mrs. Mardi Fry / Aus

  • Ms. Priska Suter
    Ms. Priska Suter
  • Mrs. Michelle Bordignon
    Mrs. Michelle Bordignon
  • Mrs. Annie Arnaudon
    Mrs. Annie Arnaudon
  • Mr. Tony Willis
    Mr. Tony Willis
  • Mr. Peter Larkin
    Mr. Peter Larkin
  • Mr. John Maloney
    Mr. John Maloney
  • Mr. Andrew Poland
    Mr. Andrew Poland
  • Ms. Lisa Doyle
    Ms. Lisa Doyle
  • Ms. Janet Te
    Ms. Janet Te
  • Ms. Amy Regan
    Ms. Amy Regan
  • Mrs. Wendy Macdonald
    Mrs. Wendy Macdonald
  • Mrs. Mardi Fry
    Mrs. Mardi Fry
  • Mr. Troy Smith
    Mr. Troy Smith
  • Mr. Neil Bradley
    Mr. Neil Bradley
  • Mr. Luke Van der leeden
    Mr. Luke Van der leeden
  • Ms. Magdalena Kolnikova
    Ms. Magdalena Kolnikova
  • Mr. Willy Rudy
    Mr. Willy Rudy
  • Mr. Craig Fielding
    Mr. Craig Fielding
  • Mr. Garry Ernest Lendich
    Mr. Garry Ernest Lendich
  • Mrs. Gayle E.
    Mrs. Gayle E.
  • Gary Tonks & Ann Tonks
    Gary Tonks & Ann Tonks
  • Trevor Hopps
    Mr. Trevor Hopps
  • Diane Spence
    Mr. Farid Iberraken
  • Diane Spence
    Mr. Glenn Foldvik
  • Diane Spence
    Mr. Massimo Carlini
  • Diane Spence
    Mr. Peter Stenson
  • Diane Spence
    Mr. Shane Wieland
  • Diane Spence
    Ms. Patricia Treadaway
  • Diane Spence
    Mr. Paul Bull
  • Diane Spence
    Diane Spence
  • Josie Woolley
    Josie Woolley
  • Ewan Stewart
    Ewan Stewart
  • Paul Fothergill
    Paul Fothergill
  • Shane O'Connor
    Shane O'Connor
  • Daryl Pearce
    Daryl Pearce
  • Anne Daigneault
    Anne Daigneault
  • Carole Jung
    Carole Jung
  • Andrea Fairbairn
    Andrea Fairbairn
  • Lee-anne Berry
    Lee-anne Berry
  • Andy M.
    Andy M.
  • Rebecca Yates
    Rebecca Yates
  • Tania Rose
    Tania Rose
  • Luc Gondard
    Luc Gondard
  • Con Lootas
    Con Lootas
  • Michael Page
    Michael Page
  • Jenny Huntley
    Jenny Huntley
  • Jannie Clark
    Jannie Clark
  • Sharon & Ray
    Sharon & Ray
  • Rory Boast
    Rory Boast
  • Alan Grey
    Alan Grey
  • Patrick Maguire
    Patrick Maguire
  • David Martin
    David Martin
  • Peter Weart
    Peter Weart
  • Peter Fahey
    Peter Fahey
  • Cheryl Murray
    Cheryl Murray
  • Wade Mortimore
    Wade Mortimore
  • Martin Bullard
    Martin Bullard
  • John Polasek
    John Polasek
  • Jacob Melson
    Jacob Melson
  • Jana & Christa
    Jana & Christa
  • Leigh and Mrs Gail Davies
    Leigh and Mrs Gail Davies
  • Ross and Magaret Throne
    Ross and Magaret Throne
  • Michael John Paul Leibold
    Michael John Paul Leibold
  • June Nowlan
    June Nowlan
  • Cheryl Wilkinson
    Cheryl Wilkinson
  • Julieanne Delphin
    Julieanne Delphin
  • Grant Tipler
    Grant Tipler
  • Karen Stonefield
    Karen Stonefield
  • Pauline Westhead
    Pauline Westhead
  • Angela Hobbs
    Angela Hobbs
  • Jonathon Dubber
    Jonathon Dubber
  • Paul and Chris Hutchinson
    Paul and Chris Hutchinson
  • Ellie Mckibbin
    Ellie Mckibbin
  • John & Melissa
    John & Melissa
  • Luke Vandersluis
    Luke Vandersluis
  • Yvonne Dobner
    Yvonne Dobner
  • David Stafanovic
    David Stafanovic
  • Luke
  • James Scott
    James Scott
  • Andrew
  • Wayne Webster
    Wayne Webster
  • Hiroshi Ishikawa
    Hiroshi Ishikawa
  • Karl Ward
    Karl Ward
  • David Coyne
    David Coyne
  • Laurence Perham
    Laurence Perham
  • James
  • Julie Ann Knight
    Julie Ann Knight
  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore
  • Colin Wilby
    Colin Wilby
  • Dianne
  • Bruce Butler
    Bruce Butler
  • David Vicini
    David Vicini
  • Gary Goodban
    Gary Goodban
  • Peter Fahey
    Peter Fahey
  • Pete Sanders
    Pete Sanders
  • Damian Waters
    Damian Waters
  • Simone Austin
    Simone Austin
  • Susan Patonc
    Susan Paton
  • Donna Hopkinst
    Donna Hopkins
  • Mark
  • Bell Andersen
    Bell Andersen
  • Don Barclay
    Don Barclay
  • Robert Boele
    Robert Boele
  • Glenn Stewart
    Glenn Stewart
  • Miss Virginia
    Miss Virginia
  • Raewyn Jujnovich
    Raewyn Jujnovich
  • Max King
    Max King
  • Pual Peck William
    Pual Peck William
  • Gaylene Adam
    Gaylene Adam
  • Ernest Kruger
    Ernest Kruger
  • Katie Rabone
    Katie Rabone
  • Stana Aleksic
    Stana Aleksic
  • Trever, Mr. Breayden, Ms. Laura, Mrs.Tracey
    Trever, Mr. Breayden, Ms. Laura, Mrs.Tracey
  • Peter Knight
    Peter Knight
  • Zell Bosak
    Zell Bosak
  • Judi Deitz
    Judi Deitz
  • Christine Ciccarelli
    Christine CiccarelliS
  • Rangimavie
  • Gigsbertus John Merks
    Gigsbertus John Merks
  • Evelyn Fleet
    Evelyn Fleet
  • Danny Hona
    Danny Hona
  • Darren Whitehead
    Darren Whitehead
  • Kim Bennett
    Kim Bennett
  • John Durbridge
    John Durbridge
  • Raymond Harris
    Raymond Harris
  • Andrew Sutherland
    Andrew Sutherland
  • Troy Birmingham
    Troy Birmingham
  • Catherine Mill
    Catherine Mill
  • Tamara Alderton
    Tamara Alderton
  • Lawrance Young
    Lawrance Young
  • Simon Wilson
    Simon Wilson
  • David Coyne
    David Coyne
  • Paul Warner
    Paul Warner
  • Trevor McAleenan
    Trevor McAleenan
  • Philipp Bitterling
    Philipp Bitterling
  • Tunisia Kaihau
    Tunisia Kaihau
  • Robert
  • Racquel Andersen
    Racquel Andersen
  • John Thomson
    John Thomson
  • Michael Sylvester
    Michael Sylvester
  • Amanda Monaglan
    Amanda Monaglan
  • Daan Bolder
    Daan Bolder
  • Kim Burt
    Kim Burt
  • Richard Blood
    Richard Blood
  • Jennifer
  • Peter Mack
    Peter Mack
  • Dorrol O’ Callaghan
    Dorrol O’ Callaghan
  • Maureen Steele
    Maureen Steele
  • Deborah Hodge
    Deborah Hodge
  • Nathan Layt
    Nathan Layt
  • George Morrison
    George Morrison
  • Jo-Anna Scott
    Jo-Anna Scott
  • Alan Bogar
    Alan Bogar
  • Yvonne Blumeris
    Yvonne Blumeris
  • Hobbs Family
    Hobbs Family
  • Deborah Hodge
    Deborah Hodge
  • Kate Augustin
    Kate Augustin
  • Belinda L.
    Belinda L.
  • Paul B.
    Jason O.(R602016)
  • Paul B.
    Paul B.
  • Gary S.
    Gary S. (A572251)
  • Katie P.
    Katie P.
  • Olga S.
    Olga S. (A560971)
  • Brendan S. (A563559)
    Brendan S. (A563559)
  • Annette L.
    Annette L. (A562871)
  • Margaret S.
    Margaret S. (A563411)
  • Brett O.
    Brett O. (A561603)
  • Jeff G.
    Jeff G. (A562672)
  • Dion T.& Liz T.
    Dion T. (A562775) & Liz T. (A562775)
  • Brittany H.
    Brittany H. (A562640)
  • Shakuntala J.
    Shakuntala J. (A562602)
  • Nicolaas H.
    Nicolaas H. (A551876)
  • Vincenzo D. (A562003)
    Vincenzo D. (A562003)
  • David R.
    David R. (A530650)
  • Beverley Y.
    Beverley Y. (A563412)
  • Liz T.
    Liz T. (A562775)
  • Christine E.
    Christine E. (A552516)
  • Adam G.
    Adam G. (A563502)
  • Deirdre H.
    Deirdre H. (A562283)
  • Christopher H
    Christopher H. (A562020)
  • Martin
    Martin B. (A561972)
  • Angelika Kirby
    Angelika Kirby
  • Jaylene S.
    Jaylene S. (A561826) & Wanyne S. (A561827)
  • Wayne E.
    Wayne E. (A561306)
  • Wayne Emslie
    Wayne Emslie
  • Jennifer H. (A521037)
    Jennifer H. (A521037)
  • Irene Lidvall
    Irene Lidvall
  • Greg H. , A560666
    Greg H. , A560666
  • Jennifer M. , A560588
    Jennifer M. , A560588
  • Michell and Geoff
    Michell and Geoff
  • Michael Huxley
    Michael Huxley
  • Francesca Helos
    Francesca Helos
  • Patrick Boibin
    Patrick Boibin
  • Cushla C.
    Cushla C. , A560486
  • Mathew
  • Mr. Simon Free
    Mr. Simon Free A54179
  • Lucas
    Lucas, A542259
  • Steve
    Steve A541711
  • Robin C.
    Robin C. , A552967
  • Mr.Malcolm S
    Mr.Malcolm S. , A552993
  • Mr. Geoff W. , A541071
    Mr. Geoff W. , A541071
  • Graeme Toft
    Graeme Toft
  • Grant McClafferty,Mrs. Christine McClafferty
    Grant McClafferty,Mrs. Christine McClafferty
  • Geoffrey cue
    Geoffrey cue
  • Clifford
  • Paul Hutchinson
    Paul Hutchinson
  • Hugh & Marlene Gerritsen
    Hugh & Marlene Gerritsen
  • Natalie Preci
    Natalie Preci
  • David A.
    David A.
  • John Douglas McDonald, A551367
    John Douglas McDonald, A551367
  • Elizabeth W. A551047
    Elizabeth W. A551047
  • Jon J. A550486
    Jon J. A550486
  • Hannan-Sun
  • Maria P. A551925
    Maria P. A551925
  • Cushla Cappie
    Cushla Cappie
  • Colin M. , A552642
    Colin M. , A552642
  • Brendan B. , A550801
    Brendan B. , A550801
  • Wayne C. , A552021
    Wayne C. , A552021
  • Nonie M. , A552149
    Nonie M. , A552149
  • Tony C. A551827
    Tony C. A551827
  • Miss Svjetlana Topolovac, A551513
    Miss Svjetlana Topolovac, A551513
  • Colin Chappell P540298 & A540438
    Colin Chappell P540298 & A540438
  • Mark Dale
    Mark Dale
  • John Bellios
    John Bellios
  • Lynda Morrison
    Lynda Morrison
  • Debbie Tas A531805
    Debbie Tas A531805
  • Pamela Illingworth
    Pamela Illingworth
  • Lawrence Moses
    Lawrence Moses
  • Jo Lopez
    Jo Lopez
  • Lee Willis
    Lee Willis
  • Reinhold M.
    Reinhold M.
  • Annalene G.
    Annalene G.
  • Alan N. (N570081)
    Alan N. (N570081)
  • Malcolm S.(A552993 )
    Malcolm S.(A552993 )
  • Malcolm S.(P570160)
    Malcolm S.(P570160)
  • Bill D. (A563263)
    Bill D. (A563263)
  • Stuart D.(P561445)
    Stuart D.(P561445)
  • Cheers, Thijs van Tongeren
    Cheers, Thijs van Tongeren
  • Ken H. (A571454)
    Ken H. (A571454)
  • Maree B. (N570499)
    Maree B. (N570499)
  • Darren Cole Blair
    Darren Cole Blair
  • Shirley
  • Steven Driver
    Steven Driver
  • John Thomson
    John Thomson
  • test
    Nada J. (A572597)
  • Patrick M. (A572644)
    Patrick M. (A572644)
  • Kane Towers
    Kane Towers
  • Drew E.
    Drew E.
  • Olga M. (A572727)
    Olga M. (A572727)
  • Peter O.
    Peter O. (A552876/P560320)
  • Ayehsa
  • Terri C. (A580584)
    Terri C. (A580584)
  • Mrs.Hodges (A580820)
    Mrs.Hodges (A580820)
  • Ray and Chris
    Ray and Chris
  • Annette Larke
    Annette Larke
  • Margaret Smith
    Margaret Smith
  • Shirley L.
    Shirley L. (A570344)
  • Celina M. (A581056)
    Celina M. (A581056)
  • Gary S.
    Gary S.
  • Adeline Keith
    Adeline Keith
  • Roanna Yapp
    Roanna Yapp
  • Shirley Lock
    Shirley Lock
  • Greg Gaukrodger
    Greg Gaukrodger
  • S.R.
  • Maurice Robinson
    Maurice Robinson
  • Andrea Jones
    Andrea Jones
  • Dean Jenkin
    Dean Jenkin
  • Ninan(Ben) Verghese
    Ninan(Ben) Verghese
  • Luigi Rinnovasi
    Luigi Rinnovasi
  • David Hogan
    David Hogan
  • Laura Allen
    Laura Allen
  • Tim Dowling
    Tim Dowling
  • Joan Churcher
    Joan Churcher
  • Joan Churcher
    Mandy-Leah Hunter

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