Patient Advantages

At Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC, everything that we do is for our patients' benefits. Our partnership with MALO CLINIC Worldwide yields 8 major advantages for our patients. These benefits are exclusive to Bangkok Smile Dental Group of Clinics and no other dental clinic or hospital in Thailand is privileged to them.

International Recognition

With MALO CLINIC’s worldwide presence and excellent reputation encompassing 5 continents, 19 countries, and 51 cities around the world, patients travelling to Thailand will have familiarity with the MALO CLINIC brand from their country of origin, thus resulting in higher International Recognition among patients from all over the world.

Internationally Trained & Skilled Doctors

Although our dentists’ are highly qualified in their related field of specialties as well as many with international education, our affiliation with MALO CLINIC Worldwide requires that our doctors undergo additional training and certification by the MALO EDUCATIONAL Center. This essential training and certification benefits our patients from the latest research, technology, and innovations developed by MALO CLINICS Worldwide.

International Safety Standards (I.S.S)

Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC’s number one priority is the safety of our patients and employees alike. By adhering to the strictest safety standards in accordance with the JCI USA (Joint Commission International) Guidelines, we have been successful in avoiding cross contamination infections as well as maintaining a ZERO work-related accident with our employees. Our affiliation MALO CLINIC Worldwide is another step forward for our company to gauge our everyday high-level safety standards in relation with the largest international network of dental clinics.

International Treatment Protocol and Standards

As Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC continues to grow, it is essential that various protocols in our clinic are standardized so it would be easier for our doctors to communicate these standards among themselves as well as with patients and their treating doctors in their home country. Our association with MALO CLINIC Worldwide will help patients and their future dental care providers reference their discussions based on MALO CLINIC Treatment Protocol rather than an arbitrarily or biased dental opinions.

Improved Customer Service & Experience

Our affiliation with the largest network of dental clinics around the world allows our customer service department to tap into various resources available to MALO CLINIC Worldwide and improve the overall service and experience of each patient visiting any Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC in Thailand.

Research Based and Authentic Treatments

There are many dental groups/clinics in Thailand that claim they can perform certain complex procedures like Full-mouth Reconstruction, All-on-Four Implants, Zygomatic Dental Implants, etc. However, none can truly follow the original protocols for these advanced and complex dental procedures as there are no other dental groups in Thailand who is affiliated with MALO CLINIC Worldwide. Not following the proper protocol may affect the outcome of such complex treatments performed on other dental clinics. All these protocols are based on years of research and clinical documentation and are only available in Thailand via Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC.

More Confidence in Bangkok Smile Dental Group

Bangkok Smile Dental Group was founded nearly 15 years ago and if not for gaining the reputation for consistent quality of service to our patients, we would have not been able to grow to what we are now. We are confident that our affiliation with MALO CLINIC Worldwide will allow us to gain more confidence to both international and domestic patients who are seeking for excellent quality and high standard of dental care in Thailand.