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Planning a dentist holiday stays on the to-do list. Almost every time a senior citizen goes on vacation because keeping their health a priority is always the right decision. Still, unfortunately, most of the time, it's never marked off of the list. But what better opportunity than quarantine to put your plans into action for this dental holidays! Yes, You read that right!

Thailand is filled with packages varying from dental care to dentist check-ups. The survey of the Patients Beyond Borders company has got all medical tourists booking Thailand for their next dental appointment. It has stated in its survey that Thailand is one of the most opted, favorable, and affordable dental tourism destinations amongst the top 10 other countries. Not only do you get to surf the beaches of Thailand and enjoy a solo trip to the water heaven on earth, but you also get to mark that dental appointment right off of your checklist. Thailand welcomes its tourists with a warm, friendly hug of sunshine, allowing them to enjoy travel packages, restaurants, cheap transportation, and luxurious hotels, all in a pocket-friendly manner. It certainly, is no surprise that the Thai dental treatment is never heavy on anyone's pocket.

Whether you’re seeking just a dental gloss, a tooth implant, a tooth removal, or a routine check-up for your teeth, you'll be surprised to scroll through the affordable and experienced dentists around Thailand waiting to serve you before you hit the trip around the place. As you travel, your dental appointment will be no hurdle as, during the pandemic period, you can come to Thailand and have your dental service done during your quarantine with the ASQ program. After your quarantine is done, you can go traveling. Interested candidates can easily find places to get dental treatment; some of the most highly chosen and appreciated dental hospitals and clinics are available in Bangkok . Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic is on top of the list when it comes to excellent service at an affordable price in Thailand. All queries can be cleared before you even take up the trip, there are many luxurious affordable hotels and resorts available around the Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic for tourists to stay in. The treatment provided will be top-class and relaxing contrary to overwhelming hospital appointments, For more ASQ Information and inquiries, aspirants can easily contact us through our contact information. It is not just an opportunity for tourists to experience the tradition of Thailand, pay a religious visit to the temples, or devour excellent cuisine but an opportunity for dental tourism at best. The place is highly well-known for its southeast Asian tropics in various forms. Another plus point for visiting Thailand for dental tourism is that in the western areas costs too much for their medium dentist services, but Thailand does not.

Thailand provides an international and luxurious level of service in dental care that can not be found in any other areas in such a cheap way. The most affordable opportunity for tourists to avail themselves on the go is that during their quarantine period of travel, they can get their teeth fixed without wasting any of their travel time. The basic costs and packages that revolve around the clinics and hospitals of extreme value and an outstanding international level of dental care are as given below:

  • Laser tooth whitening – 7000 baht
  • Laser tooth whitening and Home Bleaching – 8,500 baht
  • Laser tooth whitening for 2 Persons– 14,000 baht
  • Home bleaching for DUO – 9,000 baht
  • WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening– 9,000 baht
    *our prices change over time so we would like to change them to something else.

The blue waves of Railey beach, the warm winds of Thailand's Sunday walking street, and of course, the Grand Palace of Thailand right in its heart, Bangkok, invites its tourists to enjoy the stay and spend a beautiful time without having to run out of their bank balance. The course of stay allows the visitors to enjoy a healthy environment and watch the most beautiful places just at the distance of a drive. When someone can avail so much with so little, there’s nothing to give a second thought to. Book your tickets and relish along the coasts of the beautiful tropical country without having to compromise your health schedules and clinical check-ups.