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Reasons to have all on 4 dental implants

Are you planning your holidays? Spending your holidays in Thailand is a good idea because you can enjoy the best dental treatment here. In this way, you can enjoy a dental holiday Thailand. It can be the best option for you because the dental clinic is well-equipped with modern equipment. They help you with all types of dental treatments.

Get all dental treatments

You need to choose the most reliable clinic for your dental problems. Improvement in technology has occurred in all fields of life, including dentistry. So, the issues which used to seem impossible to be treated in the past, are now getting cured. A dental implant is also a modern process. If someone has broken teeth or his teeth are not in alignment or are yellow, then such issues can be resolved with the help of dental treatments. In this process of dental treatment, teeth are being given proper shape and a smooth look. This is a pain-free process which is needed to be done by an experienced dentist.

What are the different types of tooth damage?

You can access all on 4 dental implants, dental filling, dental surgery, or other treatments in Thailand. The strongest tissue in our body is the tooth enamel. So, there are several reasons that your tooth will break, get chipped, or cracked. Some reasons are as follows:

  • Chewing hard things
  • Biting any hard thing unexpectedly
  • Using teeth for bottle opening or thread cutting
  • Due to some accident
  • Eating acidic food and eroding the enamel
  • Old fillings with no support

It is simple to enjoy your holidays in Thailand and get the best dental treatments at an affordable price. Yes, planning dental tourism is the best way to improve your health and make your holidays memorable for the rest of your life.

What to do with a chipped tooth and how a dental implant can help you? If you have the fragment, store it immediately in milk and visit the dentist. A dentist may attach it back using dental adhesive. However, without a fragment, it might be tricky but not difficult. Other methods include:

Do you need chipped tooth repair?

For smaller chipped teeth, clinical treatment is not necessary. Polishing the tooth to smooth the sharp surface is enough in most cases. It prevents your mouth from cutting. Repairing back the tooth is required in case of larger chips. A filling process called dental bonding is undertaken for this purpose. Moreover, you can take an appointment for a tooth implant for missing, damaged, or broken teeth.
If no decay requires removing, an anaesthetic is not required. The tooth's surface is roughened with the use of a gel, and an adhesive is added. The bonding material is applied to give it the desired shape and finally hardened using UV light. The front chipped teeth should be repaired for aesthetic reasons, but a chipped molar can be left as it is if there is no pain. However, you should check how much inner tooth is exposed. Decaying of dentin is faster than enamel. In this case, you will need complex treatment.