Medical Travel Guide Covid-19

Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, one of the premier dental centers in South East Asia, is the first dental clinic in the world to to be awarded Global Healthcare Accreditation’s Certification of Conformance with COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programs

Bangkok Smile Dental
Bangkok Smile Dental

The Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) Program for Medical Travel Services issued the COVID-19 Guidelines ( This 3-year accreditation with annual reviews is recognized as the international guideline that is uniquely focused on mitigating COVID-19 infection risks for medical travel patients and companions throughout the entire care continuum, including providing guidance for travel, as well as interactions with the healthcare organization, hotel and ground transportation. The goal of the guidelines is to provide the accredited participants with the up-to-date practical examples and considerations for implementing the guidelines within a medical travel program, as well as reviewing the relevant GHA standards and other best practices and protocols used to develop the guidelines. Completing the training is not a prerequisite for proceeding or completing the Certification of Conformance; however, we do encourage selected staff to take the training as it will help with understanding of the certification process. This Certification of Conformance is a signal to you that the medical travel program is invested in assuring your wellbeing and safety throughout your entire healthcare journey.

Bangkok Smile Dental
Bangkok Smile Dental

The benefits you will get from the medical organization which GHA accredited?

  • Assures you that the we have received a third-party external validation against international best practices and relevant GHA standards and that they have effective systems in place to mitigate the risk of COVID-19.
  • Assists patients to understand and use appropriate protocols for travel and accommodation prior to and post travel, as well as during admission and treatment.
  • Promotes transparency when medical travel programs communicate special safety protocols to patients, including
    • A) COVID-19 pre-screening and testing policies for patients and accompanying family or individuals
    • B) The potential need for postoperative or post treatment COVID-19 testing
    • C) Protocols to follow in the event that you or a companion test positive for COVID-19, including scenarios such as transfer to an Emergency Room, local public health authority, quarantine or return home
    • D) Use of telemedicine or telehealth for pre-screening, testing, or monitoring while the patient is recovering offsite (such as at a hotel) to avoid unneeded interactions
    • E) Any necessary quarantine requirements after travel and before treatment based on local country requirements.
    • F) Revised Family /Visitor/Companion guidelines and whether any restrictions or safety protocols are in place due the risk of contagion.
    • G) Special protocols in place for sanitation and disinfection of the organization’s facility provides assurance and peace of mind that your hotel complies with recognized industry-wide hotel cleaning and sanitation standards required by COVID-19. These include enhanced hotel cleaning, sanitation and infection prevention practices, social interactions, and workplace protocols to mitigate risk and meet the new health and safety challenges and expectations presented by COVID-19.