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Invisalign, Why is it the most popular clear aligner?

Invisalign, Why is it the most popular clear aligner?


Invisalign is truly the ultimate leading-edge clear aligner system of the 21st century that uses to straighten teeth instead of using the traditional metal braces. Rated world’s best, Invisalign represents a series of custom-made, clear braces, made of FDA-approved patented BPA-free thermoplastic that fits snugly to your dentition and gently reposition teeth over time into an orderly uniform alignment.


Unlike conventional orthodontic appliances that are uncomfortable, unpredictable and unsightly, Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable, removable and virtually invisible with precisely predictable treatment timeline. Invisalign utilizes digitally cutting-edge 3D computerized imaging systems to visualize the progressive journey of the teeth transformation, from the original malformation to the final result of an outstanding smile alignment systematically.


Invisalign is being designed, developed and applied to address the vast majority of orthodontic issues from mild to moderate types of malocclusions including: crooked, crowded, crossbites, misaligned, open bites, overcrowded, overbites, underbites, unevenly spaces or widely-spaces. With the advanced teeth straightening system, Invisalign adjust crowded teeth, align uneven spaces, correct misaligned teeth, close gapped teeth, collide widely-spaces, fix crossbite (underbite and overbite), straight crooked teeth, refine unsightly teeth, improve speech, as well as repair biting & chewing functions and help prevent some general oral issues.


Invisalign offers a number of a teeth straightening advantages including:

Removable—Invisalign uses a series of removable aligners that is custom-designed to be easily removed for daily consumption with excellent fit with all lifestyle activities. Simply practicing a regular cleaning routine; brushing, flossing and rinsing. Worry-free of any attached sharp edge that might irritate cheek, tongue and gum or even bother you from enjoying your favorite meals.

Discreet—Invisalign is amazingly transparent, practically clear and virtually undetectable making it easier to maintain a professional appearance, remain confident and balance personal life with professional career perfectly without the feeling of awkwardness, self-consciousness or embarrassment.

Predictable—Invisalign is highly predictable. Each set of clear aligners is custom-designed based on the orthodontist’ prescription, personal concerns and dental impressions with the utilization of advanced 3D digital scanning software to provide the maximum accuracy of the final result—the finish line of a beautiful smile alignment.

Comfortable—Invisalign’s concept is clear, comfortable and convenient. Set of clear aligners fit with each individual’s unique teeth, gum condition and the level of malformation without any discomfort of chafe or soreness by the edge of metal appliances. Though, a common sign of uncomfortable wearing experience may occur during the first few weeks, the wearer will soon be familiar with the clear aligners in a matter of weeks.

Invisalign methodically and painlessly straightens teeth with a set of removable clear aligners that make it removable, comfortable, and virtually invisible, while improving not only aesthetic alignment, but also fixing functional correction and yield a beautifully uniform smile.

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