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Know more about Dental Veneers, Art of creating glamorous smile.

Know more about Dental Veneers, Art of creating glamorous smile.


Veneers is the most aesthetically dental cosmetic solution that can address a number of dental imperfections including; chipped incisor, minor misalignment or dental discoloration with the utilization of the advanced clinical innovation, biocompatible medical-grade material and a minimally-invasive technique approach in collaboration works with a highly skilled cosmetic specialist to accomplish dental cosmetic enhancements.

Veneers is an FDA-approved ultra-thin incredibly strong of high-quality porcelain shells with a lifelike natural tooth-colored properties that is uniquely customized design and bonded onto the anterior forefront of the teeth surfaces to transform multiple flaws into a dazzlingly pleasing smile


Unlike other invasive dental treatment options that spend more time-consuming and costly to correct unsightly defects such as stained teeth, misshapen teeth, minor misaligned teeth, veneers is known to provide a relatively promptly dental cosmetic transformation with less intrusive method that aims to preserves the main structural teeth, while offering an effective cost-saving solution with long lifespan and providing a dramatically aesthetic result of a brighter healthier-looking smile in just a few visits.


Veneers is ideally crafted from multilayered translucent porcelain to restore a wide variety of aesthetic concerns and offering remarkably favorable benefits including;

Multi-Function—Veneers is being recognized as a versatile dental cosmetic solution that can address multiple cosmetic issues at once. Veneers corrects chipped teeth, cracked teeth, broken teeth, small gaps, stained teeth, discolored teeth, asymmetrical teeth, malformed teeth, misshapen teeth, unsightly teeth, uneven spaces or worn teeth and providing you a drastically beautiful smile alignment that enhance your facial profile amazingly.

Immediate Results—Veneers is renowned as a transformative smile enhancement. Veneers can be crafted, fitted and installed in just a couple visits and instantly mask the flaw, close the gaps, conceal the chips, cement the stains, correct discolored, fix the misaligned, reshape the forms, straighten the crooked, lengthen the height, enlarge the size, whiten the teeth while offering an aesthetically pleasing result of a whither, brighter and healthier-looking smile.

Durability—Veneers possess solid glass-like properties, are made of high-quality porcelain and act as the enamel-like protection. Veneers contribute the teeth a smile-enhancing protective surface with strong bonded durability, stained resistance and colored withstanding. A regular oral hygiene best practice of brushing, flossing and scheduling bi-annual dental checkups for cleaning are highly recommended to keep veneers well-polished for long.

Natural-Looking Smile— Veneers is artfully imitated the translucency of a natural tooth enamel with the light-reflecting properties that customized-designed the color, shape, size, heigh, length as well as alignment and symmetry based on personal uniqueness, characteristic and favorite looks to gain a sparklingly natural-looking smile.

Veneers is ideally an aesthetic, versatile and conservative dental cosmetic treatment to rejuvenate the appearance of your whole new teeth with an exceptionally appealing smile.

To find out more of Veneers cost in Thailand, please contact Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic team to have an initial consultation and customized treatment plan for you today.

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