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SMILESAWAY, Why Queenslanders are flying 7000 Kilometers to get to Bangkok Smile’s dentist.
VDO Testimonials

Mr. Terry Clark
Zygoma Implants + front teeth Implants

Mr.Adam Webb
All on 6 immediate implants + Permanent 14 bridges

Mr.Lee Barry
All-on-4 immediate implants + Permanent 14 bridges

MS.Sheena Clowes
All on 4 (Upper and Lower jaw)
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Promotion veneers whitening implant crown,bridge,denture orthodontics more

Package A: The “Truly” Laser tooth whitening
Promotion from 10,000
Package B: The “Truly” Laser tooth whitening and Home Bleaching
Promotion from 11,000
Package C: The “Truly” Laser tooth whitening for 2 Persons
Promotion from 18,000
Package D: The “Truly” Laser tooth whitening and Home Bleaching for 2 Persons
Promotion from 21,000
Package E: Home bleaching for DUO
9,000 THB

Package F: Porcelain Veneer (6 teeth or more in the same jaw, upper or lower front) with the ordinary Empress Esthetic
until Dec 30, 2016 only

per tooth
Package G: New "Zoom! WhiteSpeed" Teeth Whitening 9,000*
Promotion from 12,000
Package H: The ultrathin porcelain veneer “Durathin” (Less than 6 teeth per jaw). Originally from THB 22,000 per tooth). until Dec 30, 2016 only 18,000*
(per tooth)
Package I: Special promotion for the ultrathin porcelain Veneer “Durathin) (6 teeth or more in the same jaw). until Dec 30, 2016 only 16,000*
(per tooth)

                   1. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers.
                   2. An advanced reservation by EMAIL is required.

Based on US Dollar or Australian Dollar To Thai Baht Exchange rate, Exchange rates can Differ from day to day. (1 US$ = 33.00 Thai Baht, 1 AU$ = 26.00 Thai Baht, 1NZ$ = 23.00 Thai Baht)
All treatment fees are charged in only THB (thai baht), thus the above exchange rate in US$ is an estimate and will vary with that current day's rates.

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