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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants
@ Bangkok Smile Dental Group
Improved Quality of Life. Dental implants will make your smile look like new again so you can feel confident in your ability to eat, laugh, and live without worrying about your dentures or missing teeth.
We are on TV. Dental tourisms in Thailand
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SMILE-HIGH CLUB, Dental Tourism Takes Off
SMILESAWAY, Why Queenslanders are flying 7000 Kilometers to get to Bangkok Smile’s dentist.
but the
Bangkok smile
on dental tourism
“The clinic visit of the CEO of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, Ministry of Health in Malaysia”
“The clinic visit of travel agents from New Zealand”
VDO Testimonials

Mr. Terry Clark
Zygoma Implants + front teethImplants

Mr.Adam Webb
All on 6 immediate implants +Permanent 14 bridges

Mr.Lee Barry
All-on-4 immediate implants + Permanent 14 bridges

MS.Sheena Clowes
All on 4 (Upper and Lower jaw)


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     Welcome to Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, Thailand. Our Dentists have long gained excellence for their vast specialization in the field of dentistry among many people in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and USA

     Our most popular treatments includes dental implants, teeth whitening , dental crowns and bridges, veneers, dentures, invisalign, gum treatment, root canal treatment, oral surgery and many more.

     We are always happy to help you obtain a beautiful, healthy and confident smile. As the leading restorative and aesthetic dental clinic in the downtown Sukhumvit, Bangkok, we have been acclaimed for its pursuit of dental excellence and application of cutting-edge dental technology, including the computerized x-rays and 3D CAD-CAM digital system. We are the only one dental clinic in Thailand with our own in house "ISO 9001 certified by Bereau Veritas" dental laboratory, so nothing has to be sent out thus delaying your treatment. Our in-house dental lab combines high tech equipment from USA, Switzerland and Germany with experienced dental technicians. Your dental work will be 100% monitored by our dental specialists, so we can guarantee that all of our dental treatments are made to exact specifications with the excellent quality.

     We know your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance. That’s why we offer the perfect combination of the good dental care and the most comfortable dental treatment while maintaining the strictest sanitary and sterilization technique. We love to see your smile, that’s why we work hard to serve all aspects of your dental needs. You will be embraced and given utmost care and attention to your dental needs by our warm and friendly staff.

     Welcome to the Land of Smiles and feel the difference.
Award Winning Dental Practice
  Zygomatic Implants

Smile Dental Group Thailand      provides the full range of the dental Implants Dental implants have improved the quality of life for millions of people. Whether you are missing one tooth or several, dental implants can restore a lasting smile and a sense of well-being. You will no longer have to suffer the embarrassment, discomfort and inconvenience of dentures or missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth or a number. Dental Implant scan be placed either on the lower or upper jaw. Dental Implant supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like your natural teeth. They preserve the integrity of a facial structure and improve the look and function of a jaw. A successful implant will resemble and function as your natural teeth. An ADA approved implant system with high historical success case rates.

Advanced dental lab
Z CAD / Switzerland, the 3D CAD-CAM designed Zirconia porcelain crowns / bridges (Metal FREE ceramic, but strong as metal)

With the 3D designed Zirconium smart ceramics, our new high-tech all-ceramic material, this wish can now be fulfilled. Zirconium smart ceramics offers extremely natural aesthetics paired with excellent biocompatibility.

We are proud to announce that we now offer International X-Ray services to diagnose your case prior to your arrival

Bangkok Smile Dental group is proud to announce that we now offer International X-Ray services to diagnose your case prior to your arrival.

We provide the full range of dental services at our clinic and also the inhalation sedation with Nitrous Oxide gas.
the Immediate implantThe Immediate Implant with Nobel “Speedy Groovy™
>>Your immediate Function Implant
>> No healing time required
>>Your greater comfort and very short treatment time
ALL-ON-4 ImmediateALL-ON-4 Immediate Function Implants for edentulous patient
>> Your totally new teeth in only 7 days (including all implant phases)
>> All-on-4 has been developed for Immediate Function fixed prosthesis, attractive prosthetic solution
NO need for bone grafting
ALL-ON-4 ImmediateTeeth-in-an-Hour™
>> 3D Computerized Perfect planning for your perfect teeth
>> High precision
>> Greatly reduced healing time
>> NO temporaries
                  >> NO significant pain / NO swelling
Zygoma ImplantZygoma Implant: the best solution for cases with severe bone resorption
>> For Severe Bone Resorption without the need for grafting
>> Minimal surgical procedures and reduced treatment time, with best result
>> Fixed prosthesis
>> computer aided-3D design
>> Easy, safe and predictable
>> No healing time required prior to functioning


We are the Lumineers elite provider, the status of the top Lumineer provider in South East Asia Region. We are credited for having treated the most patients in South East Asia region. We also have the special price now.
Complete Sterilization System

We have very strict infection control system, designed to prevent cross infection between patients. All of our dental instrument including our handpieces are sterilized to 135 degree Celsius using a vaporizing effect created from high pressure spraying heat thoroughly through every part of the instrument, even a very tiny spaces.
Smile Fresh Breath Clinic

Bad breath is a common occurrence from eating certain foods such as garlic, onions, or cheese, or could be the result of obesity, smoking, and alcohol consumption. It could happen on a daily basis. There are many ways to cure bad breath, such as brushing teeth, using mouthwash, cleaning the tongue, or flossing. However, if you happen to have persistent bad breath, those methods may not be good enough, and it surely will affect your personal and social life. If this is the case, just visit us for your oral checkup and consultation. We are experts in bad breath solutions.
Dental clinic & Spa in Bangkok of Thailand
Visit our dental clinic "Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic & Spa @ Sukhumvit 21"

At Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, we provide ultimate dental services in Thailand. All services are taken care of by our team of dental specialists. Our clinics are equipped with the latest modern equipment to support our doctors as well as to ensure high standards of sterilization and cleanliness.
Visit our new dental clinic "Sea Smile Dental Clinic @ Patong Beach, Phuket"

Located at Patong beach in Phuket , equipped with the modern up-to-date dental technology and uncompromising sterilization methods. Be it a routine check up, laser tooth whitening, Dental Extreme Makeover , Invisalign or a complex Full Mouth Dental Implants, we know how to exceed your expectations.
Laser teeth whitening
>> Experience world class laser teeth whitening by our team of laser teeth whitening dentists at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic. We are a team-spirited and patient-centered office. We believe in providing the best laser teeth whitening solution for you.
     Laser teeth whitening utilizes the latest dental technology to provide instant results for you. This dental procedure can be completed in a single visit!!
>> Dental implants, is a natural solution. Implants at Bangkok smile dental clinic provide a strong support for permanent or removable prosthesis (replacement teeth) that are made to match your natural teeth.
>> Invisalign can give you the beautiful straight teeth you've always wanted. It works through a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can recognize that they are being worn. you're worn. So you can smile more during treatment as well as after. Thousands of adults have already benefited from treatment in America where over 3000 orthodontists have treated their patients with Invisalign.

 >> Tooth numbering system is used by dentists for uniquely identifying and referring to a specific tooth. Over the years, over 20 different teeth numbering systems have been developed. Today, we use the following FDI tooth numbering systems for the numbering of the teeth.
Creating a beautiful and healthy smile is our important mission.

     Cosmetic dentists at Bangkok smile dental clinic takes pride in presenting our prestigious dental clinic. Cosmetic dental health and cosmetic dentistry smile makeover is available to you in Thailand at our dental clinic by professional cosmetic dentists. You will receive a first class dental care while obtaining optimal cosmetic dental health potential.

     Bangkok smile dental clinic in Thailand takes passion in the science and art of cosmetic dentistry, combining cosmetic dental work while you are on vacation, whether it be traveling around, or just relaxing at a resort spa and having a massage while in Bangkok Thailand. Getting cosmetic dental work done and improving your dental healthcare while on vacation in Thailand is very popular and common. Click on dental cosmetic procedures. And learn about each procedure in detail.

     Our cosmetic dentists will implement a combination of several of the following procedures to give you that perfect cosmetic dental smile makeover. Our Treatments include ; whitening, bleaching, laser tooth whitening, laser teeth whitening, invisalign, porcelain , ceramic dental veneers, dental implants, dental bonding, porcelain bridges, tooth reshaping, dentures, dental filling, dental porcelain or ceramic crowns, dental caps, root canal treatment, cosmetic surgery, consultation and much more.

     We invite you to have a cosmetic dental smile make over while in Thailand by our team of dentists and dental specialists at Bangkok Smile dentist clinic. Our general dentists, cosmetic dentists, and dental specialists believe your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance. That’s why we offer the perfect combination of cutting edge dentistry and the most comfortable dental treatment while maintaining the strictest sanitary and sterilization technique. We love to see your smile, that’s why we work hard to serve all aspects of your dental needs.
Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic associates with a number of 4 to 5 star quality hotels in Bangkok to offer the special room rates exclusively for our clients.

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