Smile Guarantee

Our guarantee sets a new standard of quality for the dental profession and assures you of the finest personal care available. The treatment recommended by us for your oral health depends on individual condition. As a result, each treatment will be carefully customized after thorough diagnosis. It is imperative that you continue home care of your teeth and gums in addition to scheduling your routine dental cleaning and professional exams as recommended by our office. At this point, let us remind you that the final ownership of your oral health rests on you. Long-term success of our caring treatment greatly depends on how sensitive you are to your oral health.

What is Smile Guarantee and what is International Patient Guarantee Program “IPGP”s

Smile Guarantee is referred to as Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic Internal Guarantee where IPGP is referred to as Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC international guarantee that is offered through MALO CLINIC international network. Under the smile guarantee program, treatments for patients are covered subject to the limited guarantee outlines at any of the Bangkok smile branches in Thailand. If a patient qualifies for smile guarantee, they also will be covered under the IPGP program based on program conditions and is limited only to any dental implant related treatment. The eligibility in the International Patient Guarantee program is only possible if you are eligible and meet the conditions under the terms and conditions of Smile Guarantee.

Please note that this guarantee covers the duration and the cost of any necessary materials.

It does NOT cover the cost of travel, accommodation nor any consequential losses that may be incurred.

The Smile Guarantee does NOT cover the cost of travel, accommodation nor any consequential losses that may be incurred.


  • Guarantee to be valid, patients must follow prescribed oral hygiene care by their dentist
  • Patients must see a dentist at Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC or a local dentist every 6 months for a dental cleaning, examination and x-rays (A proof of visit is required for all claims)
  • The guarantee on an All on 4 bridge covers both the teeth and the acrylic part of the bridge
  • To cover the teeth and the bridge, patients must have complied with the recommendation of the dentist in wearing a night guard.
  • The warranty is not valid, if patients have developed or are diagnosed with a medical condition that affects the favorability of dental treatment. (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, After - condition excessive radiotherapy or chemotherapy)
  • Injuries caused by sport or 3rd party accidents as well as due to evidence of misuse of a prosthetic is not covered.
  • Chewing Tobacco products that can directly affect the dental restoration is not a covered benefit.
  • Refunds are not part of the guarantee. To file a claim, you must contact our clinic immediately upon occurrence. All international guarantees are only covered at a local MALO CLINIC with prior approval from our clinic. We reserve the right to choose the MALO CLINIC for you where you will receive treatment.
  • The guarantee does not imply that we will pay for your travel expenses to and from your home to our clinic or any of the MALO CLINIC network offices.

SMOKERS Dental implant procedures are not a contraindication for smokers, however chronic smokers have a higher chance of bone loss around the dental implant and this can affect the validity of dental guarantee.

Filing A Dental Claim

Regardless of where you are located at the time of any dental occurrence, the following are steps involved in making a claim.

STEP 1 Contact Bangkok Smile MALO CLINIC immediately upon any problems or occurrence:

  • Bangkok: or +(662)1054288
  • Phuket: or +(662)1054288

STEP 2 A customer service representative will search your records and determine the eligibility and will find a local authorized MALO CLINIC nearest to the patient. Your treatment information will then be transmitted to a local center along with your warranty information and an appointment will be coordinated within the local MALO CLINIC.

STEP 3 You will visit your designated MALO CLINIC and the local dentist will determine the nature of your problem and will present a solution to our clinic. If the problem is minor and your treatment falls under the normal warranty period, the local MALO CLINIC dentist will treat the problem. If the problem you are experiencing is of a major problem, the local dentist will contact our clinic and discuss the best solution for your treatment.

NOTE: For all major corrections, you may have to return to the original MALO CLINIC location where your treatment was completed. All treatment warranties regardless of category (Major vs. Minor Correction) are paid for by the original clinic where treatment was provided. For the program to be valid, you must inform our customer service department immediately of any problems that you may be experiencing prior to contacting a local MALO CLINIC. You may contact our customer service via email at