" Dear Drs. Awat Theerachaiwarakul and Prapakorn Chamnongprasatporn, Matilda, and the rest of the staff.
I want to first thank the Doctors for an excellent job of taking care of me this past year. The implants and bridge was done First Class. Both of you were professionals, friendly, answered all my questions, and it was a real pleasure to meet you. Your assistants were great. They were very polite in helping me.
For Matilda and staff. THANK YOU all. The first time I entered the office, Matilda was the first person I met. She took me through the steps and paperwork to start my journey. Everyone in the office were friendly, and had the nicest smile for me. The pricing you proposed was correct. No changes of any kind of the prices. The hard work the staff was providing to the clients as me, and the doctors, was BEST IN CLASS.
I will do a follow up in February 2020.
Again, thank you."

Clyde G. / U.S.A.

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