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Smiling is the universal language and this causes the positive changes to our body and mind. Having the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed about can give you the incredible impact, causing ripple effects that can improve your personal life, your social life and of course your career.

As the meaning of the whiter teeth, the longer teeth, the more charming smile of the different peoples is not similar and this always causes the misunderstanding between the dentist and the patient when they say I want to get my teeth longer or whiter, as no visualized outcome to compare. The answer lies in this modern digital smile design and the ability to visualize outcomes helps refine size, shape, and color desires with the software simulations.

How good it is if you can have the crystal clear images of your dream smile before getting it done? It’s pretty normal when you look at the perfect smile of the people you follow and you dream about that perfect smile on your teeth. However, as there are many compositions of the perfect smile, such as the color, the teeth alignment, the teeth shape, the symmetry with the eye line, there is no One-Smile-Fit-All solution, and the perfect smile has to match with your overall facial appearance too, so this way certainly not giving you the perfect result, and we need the cutting-edge technology to adapt this smile to match with you.

In the past, you would bring in a picture of a celebrity whose smile they liked, but you can’t see that how this smile will perfectly fit to your face. Now, thank you for the cutting edge of the digital dentistry, visualizing your ideal smile is more affordable and more accurate than ever.

Although the advanced technology is growing in popularity, it’s not yet considered standard among all practices. At the modern dental practices like Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, dentists are using the digital software to create better-than-ever results while keeping Risk-Free. The simple protocol of this digital dental process makes trying it out an easy decision. This can simulate the “customized” perfect smiles on your teeth first and you can then select the most perfect one and this can be digitally transformed to the real smile on your teeth. This digital dental transformation allows us to really control and make sure that everybody in the communication — our patient, our dentist and our dental laboratory technicians — are all on the same page so that we get the perfect results.

How the Digital Smile Design works at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic?

Every smile is unique, and our Digital Smile Design at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic is tailored to meet your precise individual requirements. The case below illustrates the advantages of using a digital smile workflow in porcelain veneer treatment. There are 5 steps to achieve your perfect smile.

Step 1:
Tell us the smile you like...and see this smile on your teeth first!

Come in for a free smile makeover consultation at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic. Tell us the smile you like and what you’re keen to improve. We’ll take some photos of you, and apply the changes you desire to make on-screen and you will have the crystal clear image of your new smile at your first appointment.

Step 2:
Happy with your tomorrow smile? Let’s make it happened today

If you’re happy with the plan, it’s time to make it tangible. We will then check the dental health. You can also tell us more about your desired result and we’ll start the digital workflow, including the digital photographs, the digital ‘customized’ models, and the digital communication in order to achieve the final goal. This is a clinically perfect tool that aids precision, reduces chairtime, and allows visualization of the future treatment outcome. Finally, we’ll take a mould of your teeth and scan it into the Digital Smile Design system to create a virtual model of your mouth where we start planning your new look.

Step 3:
Try in a mock-up of your new smile.

Your digital impression allows us to create a 3D model of your new smile that you can physically try in first! See exactly how this new smile will look, and feel for yourself what it will be like to talk and laugh with your beautiful new teeth. This gives us the chance to fine-tune your treatment and make adjustments that will further improve the final veneers.

Step 4:
Keeping the digital process on track for your perfection

Now it’s time to prepare your teeth. Once the clinical steps done, our dentist and our lab ceramist work together to carefully craft your final veneers to follow the plan which we previously set up.

Step 5:
It’s time to show the world!

It’s time to fit your dazzling new smile. We will help you celebrate this dental transformation by taking photos and video so you can see the difference.

Ready to get Smiling?
Contact us today. Our smile concierge team is ready to connect you with our digital smile design dentist that we will help at every step.

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