Smile Fresh Breath Center

Fresh Breath with California Breath Clinic

Do you find yourself avoiding close contact with others, just in case? What about social situations at work, shopping, parties, dates, family functions -- do you dare to get close? Or do you hold back, unsure of your breath?

Bad breath or halitosis is a major health concern to a growing number of people. This embarrassing condition affects people in different degrees; some people suffer from the bad breath mildly while others lose their job opportunities from having bad breath. Bad breath may make damages to people in varying extent but the same thing it does to everyone is hamper their self confidence.

If you have persistent bad breath, bad taste, or dry mouth problems, we at Bangkok Smile MALO DENTAL and TheraBreath® have good news for you - chronic bad breath or halitosis is a treatable oral condition!

Our Fresh Breath Clinic with TheraBreath® employs well-experienced dentists who are highly-trained by the world famous “ California Breath Clinic” in USA, to take care of patients right from the start to finish. Our dentist will take all possible factors into account and take necessary steps to identify the cause of your bad breath. When the root cause of the notorious bad breath is found, undergoing necessary dental or gum treatments along with using TheraBreath® products will radically and absolutely get rid of this unpleasant problem. We understand the difficulties and stress brought about by living with bad breath problems, and the right solution would surely welcome an opportunity to change your life.

Our Fresh Breath Clinic by TheraBreath® is pleased to offer treatment packages to take care of patients who have breath problems in all levels or stages.