International X-ray Services

We are proud to announce that we now offer International X-Ray services to diagnose your case prior to your arrival.

If you are a patient from Australia who is looking forward for a dental treatment with us and wanting to get an online Quotation for root canals, wisdom tooth extraction, crowns/bridges, or dental implants, sending us your OPG X-Ray is the best option. But sometimes, getting the x-rays done in the dental clinic may be quite difficult, as the line is long.

So, in order to make it convenient for you and for us, we have partnered with a number of X-ray Clinics located in the main states of Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory.

If you need to get X-Ray Services in your country, please contact us by email and we will direct you to the closest X-Ray Clinic around you in Australia. The earlier you contact us, the faster you can get the X-Ray. You simply need to book an appointment with our partner X- Ray Clinic according to our directions given. The X-Ray Clinic will contact us when your X-Ray is completed and they will take the necessary steps to forward it directly to us. Our dentist/s can then observe your teeth and contact you about the definite treatments and its overall cost.

This builds the communication between you, the X-Ray Clinic in your local area, and our Dentist in Thailand. Communication makes it easier, while good international cooperation builds a friendlier and a smaller world.

The price of the OPG x-ray in Perth is approx. AUS$ 30-80, and in another areas of Australia is around AU$ 70-80.