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Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, one of the premier dental centers in South East Asia, is the first dental clinic in the world to to be awarded Global Healthcare Accreditation’s Certification of Conformance with COVID-19 Guidelines for Medical Travel Programs

Bangkok Smile Dental is an award-winning dental clinic since 2003.

Bangkok Smile Dental Group have gained numerous recognitions and awards from distinctive companies around the world, on top of being the one and only dental group to achieve an ISO 9001:2008 Certification by the Bureau Veritas for both our dental clinics and dental lab. The latest addition is our partnership with MALO DENTAL Worldwide and our Nobel Biocare Authorized Clinic Award.

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Platinum level of partnership with Astra Tech

Platinum level of partnership with Astra Tech

Astra Tech is a company in the AstraZeneca Group, one of the world’s leading medical & pharmaceutical companies. Astra Tech is divided into four business areas, where Astra Tech Dental is the fastest growing. They focus on advanced research and development in the field of implant dentistry. Their own implant system, Astra Tech Implant System is among the most thoroughly documented implant system on the market today. It combines function, beauty and biology in perfect harmony, which is known as the Astra Tech Bio-Management Complex. The numbers of implant practices that have reached a “Platinum” level of partnership with Astra Tech are very few. Platinum partners generally have greater and more immediate access to any number of cutting edge technologies and products, compared to practices that have a lower frequency of implant surgery cases. Bangkok Smile Dental Group has been has achieved and a high level of trust and confidence among local and international patients in providing Astra Tech dental implants. Bangkok Smile Dental Specialists have achieved a high level of expertise with Astra Tech dental implants due to high rate of usage and frequency.

It is not unusual that many informed and educated patients to seek out the best clinics that have a strong track record and a long history of usage of Astra Tech for their complex reconstructive and rehabilitative surgeries thus relying on Bangkok Smile Dental Group to become their provider of choice for their dental implant treatment.

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Owning our success to the numerous clients who patronize our dental service, and the various recognitions that were awarded to us, rest assured you are only getting quality service and treatments Bangkok Smile Dental Group.

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