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One-day Dental Crown

One Day Crowns Smile With Confidence at Bangkok Smile Dental
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" chipped or cracked teeth, to cover misshapen or discolored teeth, or weaken teeth? We offer you a lifetime lasting solution in single visit to our dental office called "

What can they do?

What can they do?

  • Hold cracked or damaged teeth together.
  • Replace large or worn out fillings.
  • Restore fractured or cracked teeth.
  • Restore dental implants.
  • Improve the appearance of your teeth (discoloration and mild alignment issues)
  • Reshape your teeth.
  • Protect teeth after a root canal.
One day Crown, Same-day dental crowns, as the name implies, are a type of crown that your dentist makes and installs in a single appointment The modern innovation of dental crown within 1 day with CAD/CAM technology, fast and accurate treatment planning by pecialized dentists.

Dental crown and fixed prosthodontics will help strengthen the abnormal or damaged teeth to make your teeth look perfect and can be used efficiently. In general, a dental crown will take up to 6 months for the treatment to be done.

With the modern innovation only at Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic, we have created One Day Crown technology, the dental treatment process that is suitable for many patients who have no time and don’t want to wear a temporary dental crown. For a quick outcome, the dental treatment will be completed within 1 day. It is accurate and only minor mistakes occurred.

What is One day Crown?

With the use of Digital Dentistry Workflow or the use of digital technology integrating into every treatment method from the beginning of treatment until the result comes out. Using a 3D scanner to scan the oral cavity to see 3D teeth visually, makes dentists and patients realize the root of problems and the health of the oral cavity before treatment planning. In the meantime, the patient is allowed to be involved in designing their teeth as well. More than that, the digital system that uses CAD/CAM technology is the software that helps in designing the high-resolution workpieces which will bring oral cavity data from 3D Scanner to accompany in designing workpieces via computer, making the design of workpieces suitable with the oral cavity of the patient quickly and accurately.

Benefits of One Day Crown

  • Fast, time-saving, can be completed within 1 day
  • Relieve the irritation from functional impression with a 3D scanner digital system
  • Nice-looking ceramic crown, durable, and look like natural teeth
  • Temporary dental crown are not needed
  • No need to see dentists more often
Benefits of One Day Crown
Benefits of One Day Crown

Methods of One Day Crown

  • Meet dentists to make treatment plan
  • Scan the oral cavity with a 3D scanner system
  • Create the work pieces for making dental crown
  • Wear dental crown by specialized dentists

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