Patient Cost For Single-Tooth Replacements
The cost differential of a single-tooth dental implant and implant crown versus a three-unit fixed bridge to replace a single missing tooth.

Three-Unit Fixed Bridge Dental Implant and Implant Crown

Dental implants and their replacement teeth provide
- Better chewing ability
- Improved appearance
- Greater self confidence and quality of life
- Increased durability

A relatively young person who replaces a missing tooth or teeth with a fixed conventional bridge or denture will expect to have to change it once every five to ten years throughout his life as opposed to implant-supported crowns which are essentially permanent and need only minimal low-cost maintenance.

A single-tooth implant and crown will initially cost more than the fixed bridge but the difference is equalized within several years. The lifetime cost of an implant crown is therefore far less than either a denture or a bridge. It is even more significant considering the biologic costs of cutting down good healthy adjacent teeth when making fixed bridges.