Dental Implants - Pre-Treatment Evaluation

Pre-Treatment Evaluation & Treatment Planning

What happens during the evaluation phase?

Your prosthodontist or dentist will carry out a detailed assessment of your mouth. He will examine your teeth, gums and bone structure. Radiographs will be needed to check the quality and quantity of bone. He may also take impressions to make study models so that he can examine your oral structures from all angles.

He will then explain to you the various options of replacing your missing teeth including the advantages and disadvantages of each. If dental implants are deemed to be beneficial to you, he will refer you to an oral maxillofacial surgeon for a surgical evaluation.

What does the oral surgeon look for?

The surgeon will determine if it is feasible for the implants to be placed in the optimum positions based the anatomy of your jaw bone. There must be adequate bone to surround an implant. Should there be a deficiency due to previous bone loss, the surgeon will suggest ways in which he can augment the bone to accommodate the implants.

Sometimes, he may require more detailed radiographs such as CT scans to be obtained radiologist at a hospital in order to ascertain the exact anatomy of your bone.

If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, it may be necessary to wait one to three months before an implant can be placed. During this period, a denture may be made as an interim measure.

A detailed treatment plan formulated by both the prosthodontist and the oral surgeon will then be presented to you before the commencement of actual treatment. Any questions you may have can also be addressed at this point.