Dental Implant Solutions

Guided Surgery with NobelGuide™
...maximized treatment safety and predictability for all indications

NobelGuide™ is a complete treatment concept for diagnostics, treatment planning and guided implant surgery – from a single missing tooth to an edentulous jaw. It helps you diagnose, plan the treatment and place your implants based on restorative needs and surgical requirements.

NobelGuide™ - digital precision for all indications

  • State-of-the-art diagnostics, planning and guided surgery
  • Single tooth to full edentulous jaw - all clinical indications
  • Easy-to-use treatment planning software with intuitive interface
  • Support for minimally invasive surgery procedures
  • Increased treatment predictability and efficacy
  • Integrated ordering system for all components
  • Integrated decision-making through new file-sharing function
  • Unique system covering the entire restorative process

Prosthetic-driven planning

NobelGuide™ uses a prosthetic-driven approach that optimizes biomechanics,functionality and esthetics of the prosthetic restoration.

Safe and predictable treatment

Thorough diagnostics and planning ensure surgical procedures are well-prepared and documented in advance, which results in safe and predictable treatmens.

Minimally invasive techniques

NobelGuide™ all่ows for minimall่y invasive, or flapless, surgical procedures, but also supports mni-flap and flap approaches for advanced users.

User-friendly intuitive interface

The new NobelGuide planning software version is easy and flexible to use.

Single point-of-contact

NobelGuide™ is the only system that provides users a single source for surgical and lab components and support.

Integrated team approach

NobelGuide™ simplifies sharing of planning information and facilitates decision-making within the entire interdiscipilnary team, as well as with the referral network.

Proven digital dentistry leader

Nobel Biocare is a pioneer and innovation leader in implantology, prosthetics and digital dentistry, bulldlng on a heritage of more than 40 years of scientific dental research.