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One day implant

Same Day Dental Implant with Bangkok Smile MALO DENTAL Thailand:

Dental implant is a surgical procedure that replacing a tooth root with titanium screwlike post and then making a new crown that look and function much like real tooth on the titanium post. The major benefit of implant is a solid support for your new tooth — a process that requires the bone to integrate tightly around the titanium implant.

How dental implant surgery is performed depends on the type of implant and the condition of your jawbone. Dental implant surgery usually involve several procedures, and these require several months to allow the bone-implant integration process completed.

Thank you to the digital dentistry. This helps many implant cases to be done in only 1 day. This new immediate loading protocol developed by experienced oral surgeons and prosthodontists. This latest dental implant technology allows less invasive surgery (typically without bone grafting) that results in the ability to replace failing or missing tooth with the replacement immediately!

There are 3 major steps to follow.

1. Consultation: In this first initial visit, you meet with our implant specialist who will conduct a MALO DENTAL clinical exam, perform a 3D scan, and brief the patient on what to expect from the procedure itself. If you are the candidate, we will prepare for both surgical and prosthodontics parts first before getting the treatment done in the next day.

2. 1 Day of all implant procedures: You arrive in the morning and, under the effects of a local anesthetic, the digital surgical guide which we previously prepared will be placed and the implant will be then placed into your bone, following this implant guide. After a short recovery period, the customized dental prosthesis is fabricated, and the patient will get their non-removable crow attached to the implant. They will subsequently be free to return home and use this dental implant for chewing or smiling for few months during waiting for the completion of the implant-bone integration, but you are advised to avoid eating hard and crunchy foods during this period.

3. In couple months after the second phase, when the dental implant is fully integrated to the surrounding bone, and the gum is in the perfect contour, the final crown will be then fabricated and inserted on this dental implant.

This revolutionary one day dental implant procedure is now considered the most convenient and effective replacement solution. This digital innovation eliminates the standard healing time or the need for multiple surgeries and allows a new, non-removable crown to be placed on the very same day as your dental implant.

However, not many dental clinics can provide this implant solution, as we need the “one team” protocol to achieve this big challenge. At Bangkok Smile Malo Clinic, we use the “global” immediate loading implant protocol which originally designed by Dr Paulo Malo and this distributed in all MALO DENTAL clinics in 20 countries around the world. Our team of implant specialists and “in-house” dental lab technicians have to work together to deliver this better Innovation to our patient under the face-to-face communication. We believe that our dedicated team of professionals, both implant specialists and dental lab technicians, with a specific focus on the one day dental implants, is a key strength of the digital dental center at Bangkok Smile Malo Clinic.

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