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Bangkok Dolls & Museum

Bangkok Dolls have won several awards for their creations.  A single-storey workshop and Doll Museum in the Chandavimol family compound at 85 Soi Ratchataphan (Soi Mo Leng) in Bangkoks Makkasan district is the magnet for several visitors who wish to inspect these miniature creations in all their wondrous variety. 

Open : Mon - Sat  from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Admission : Free
Tel : 0 2245 3008

 Geological Resource Museum (Minerals and Rocks Museum)
Located on the first floor of the Emerald Building next to the Department of Mineral Resources on Rama VI Road, the museum is attached to the Bureau of Geological Survey, Department of Mineral Resources, and was established in 1948. It exhibits minerals, rocks, fossils as well as ancient tools made from minerals and rocks in 3 sections: 1. Geology, featuring the Earth, plate movements, earthquakes, minerals and rocks, geological surveys, ground water and fossils; 2. Mineral Resources, displaying specimens of gemstones and precious stones, uses of minerals, mineral fuels, petroleum and minerals from abroad; 3. Special Exhibition, currently showcasing dinosaur fossils in Thailand. The museum is open on weekdays during 9 a.m.-4.30 p.m. Admission is free but advance contact in writing addressed to the Director-General of the Department of Mineral Resources is required.

Open : Mon to Fri from 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
Admission : Free
Tel : 0 2202 3669, 0 2202 3670 Fax  0 2202 3754
Website :

Pratunam is one of the older shopping areas in Bangkok that has a highly-deserved reputation among bargain shoppers.

Passing through the area, you will see many shops on the main roads. But the real activity is in the market hidden behind the stalls and shops. Here youll find a huge variety of low cost clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, watches, electronic gadgets and all sorts of souvenirs. It is usually very congested as there are many eager shoppers looking for their bargains.

Pratunam is the location for Thailand's tallest building, the Baiyok Tower. This is the major wholesale center for the garment trade. It is very popular with minor and major international traders, particularly those from Africa. There is even an African restaurant nearby.

Bargain hunters looking for good deals on computers, accessories and software flock to Pantip Plaza, which is now known throughout the world for its low prices.

How to get there: Bus routes 2, 11, 23, 60, 62, 72, 93, 140, 511, 512  

 Suan Pakkad Palace
A visit to this exquisite collection of traditional Thai homes, set in beautiful gardens, gives you an insight into the appreciation of art and gardening by members of the Royal Family.

Named after the cabbage patch (Suan Pakkad) which used to occupy this land, it was built as a weekend resort by HRH Prince Chombhotpong Paripatra of Nagor Svarga and his consort, Mom Ratchawong Pantip. They took up permanent residence there after World War II.

The compound contains seven traditional houses that display the diverse art collection assembled by these connoisseurs. Images of the Thai Royal Family, model boats, drums and religious artifacts are displayed in House 1.

The reception area of House 2 exhibits personal items such as ivory boxes and bowls inlaid with mother-of pearl. Lovers of Thai musical instruments will be impressed by the collection in House 3 which also has a palanquin, nielloware and ceramics.

Princess Chumbhots extensive mineral collection is on show in House 4, while House 5 has examples of Ban Chiang pottery. The Sukhothai era is depicted with ceramics, earthenware utensils and figurines in House 6.

The theatrical aspect of Thailand is on display at the Khon Museum is House 7. This exhibit includes Khon masks, costumes, accessories and a model of a troupe performing the Ramakien.

Other displays and exhibitions are in the Lacquer Pavilion and the Marasi Gallery which also has an information system on Ban Chiang art and culture.

How to get there: Bus routes 14, 17, 38, 77
BTS Skytrain : Phaya Thai station.
Open : Daily from 9 am. - 4 pm.
Admission : 100 baht
Tel : 0 2245 4934, 0 2246 1775-6
Website :

 Thai Labour Museum
This museum is located at the former office of the State Railway of Thailand Labour Union on Nikhom Rotfai Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi. It exhibits a historical background of Thai labour in 7 rooms: Room 1, slave labour and corv?e system the foundation of ancient Thai society presenting the history of Thai labour since ancient times; Room 2, Chinese coolies - early hire workers - featuring their way of life; Room 3, labour and the country's reforms in the reign of King Rama V a major transitional period in Thai history; Room 4, labourers and the 1932 Revolution labourers before and after the revolution; Room 5, from World War to the Cold War Thai labour under critical situations during World War II and the Cold War; Room 6, from the 14 October uprising to the economic crisis life of Thai workers during the pro-democracy period, women and child labour, truck drivers and boxers; Room 7, labour artist Chit Phumisak dedicated to Chit Phumisak, a significant thinker and intellectual. The exhibition in each room is displayed through various media such as television, slides and computer, which make it more interesting and easier to understand. The museum also provides a library service with books and research reports about labourers and computer training for workers.

Open : Wed - Sun from 10 a.m. 4.30 p.m. (except Mon Tue and national holidays)
Admission : Free
Tel : 0 2251 3173.

 Victory Monument
The monument is situated on Phahonyothin Road. It was constructed in 1941 under the premiership of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkhram in order to praise the heroic deeds of soldiers, policemen and civilians who sacrificed their lives in a dispute between Thailand and France on the demarcation between Thailand and other Indochinese nations. The dispute ended with a compromise being agreed by the two parties, and 59 casualties. Victory Monument was, therefore, established as a memorial to their bravery.

Open : Daily
Admission : Free