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Kamthieng House

The Kamthieng House is of great interest to all who have an interest in Thai society. It is the center-piece at the Siam Society, which promotes the preservation of heritage, culture, arts and the environment.

This superb example of Northern Thai architecture is more than 160 years old and has been preserved in excellent condition. It has been handed down through generations of the Nimmanahaeminda family before being generously donated to the Siam Society by Nang Kinhaw Nimmanahaeminda. With the financial support of the Asia Foundation, the house was relocated from Chiang Mai to Bangkok in 1964.

The house is built on wooden stilts with the underneath area used to display a rich assortment of agricultural implements such as plough and harvesting equipment made of wood, reeds and bamboo.

The Kamthieng House is stocked with artifacts that represent the traditional rural way of life. There are beautiful hand-woven fabrics, ornate wood carvings, traditional musical instruments and religious items. This outstanding collection serves as an ethnological museum. This has fulfilled on of the goals of the Siam Society which had it written into the rules when it was formed in 1904.

The Siam Society occasionally grants permission for small receptions for 25 to 30 people to be held in the gardens with the house as a backdrop.

How to get there: BTS Skytrain to Asoke Station. Subway to Sukhumvit Station
Opening time : Tuesday to Saturday (except public holidays) 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Admission fee : Adult 100 baht, Child 50 baht.
Tel : 0 2661 6470-7
Website :