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BSD Group Annual Gathering

Bangkok Smile Dental Group annually organizes the New Year’s activities gathering 133 employees in 2010 and 154 employees in 2011 and 230 employees in 2012 from all of our clinic branches in Bangkok and Phuket. Our main objective is to encourage our staffs including dentists from different areas to interact with each other and strengthen positive relationships among them that enable to improve the effectively organizational teamwork. There are varieties of activities in group such as charity, sport, performance and party which greatly entertained our staffs and can also help to reduce conflicts and tension from workplace. We believe that the strong relationships in organization can create a good work environment and it leads to the high quality of work performance especially for providing the best service to our valued customers.

New Year's Gathering Activities 2012

22nd – 23rd December 2012 @ Kangkrajarn, Petchaburi

On the 22nd – 23rd December 2012, Bangkok Smile Dental Group had organized a “New Year’s Getting Together” to Kangkrajarn, Petchaburi which assembled staff members from all divisions in both Bangkok and Phuket offices. The main objective was to strengthen the relationship among individuals within the organization to foster effective collaboration and cooperative teamwork. The outing entailed variety of entertaining group activities such as charity, sports, shows, and games. We believed that having shared the time together through this outing, we were able to diminish any tension or conflicts from the workplace as well as create a positive atmosphere conductive to work at the same time. As a result, we hoped all would lead us the way that we gave the best we could and provided the optimum services to our valued customers.

New Year's Gathering Activities 2011

New Year's Gathering Activities 2010