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Proper Use of TheraBreath® Products

First, place a small amount of the toothgel on the round edge of the tongue-cleaner. Scrape your tongue for approximately 10 strokes, moving the tongue-cleaner forward each time. (Do not rinse with water after this step). This will help in removing the mucous layer, which has been protecting the bacteria. (Do not scrape vigorously to the point of bleeding, but firm enough to remove the mucous layer.) Rinse off with mouth rinse after this step.

Apply a normal amount of toothgel on a dry toothbrush and brush for 2-3 minutes. Besides your teeth, also brush your tongue, reaching back as far as possible. Make sure to include the roof of your mouth and the inside of your cheeks with this brushing. (The bacteria are extremely sticky and end up almost everywhere in your mouth) You do not have to brush hard, but make sure that it is thorough. When brushing your teeth, remember to angle your brush towards your gum line, feeling the bristles gently sliding under the gum line. Do not rinse with water after this step. You may, however, spit out any excess saliva and toothgel.

Do not drink from the bottle directly – this will contaminate the rinse. To ensure proper rinse out and attack of bacteria, pour 2 capful of the mouth rinse into a clean glass. Rinse the toothgel from your mouth with the rinse. 'Swish' the rinse all over your mouth for 90 seconds, so as to cover all the oral surfaces with the concentrated oxygen.

Take a normal length string of dental floss and dip the entire piece with the mouth rinse. Floss your teeth thoroughly so that the mouth rinse will pass through all of the tooth contacts/gaps. This step ensures that the Chlorine Dioxide will attack the bacteria located there.

Take 2 fresh capful of the mouthrinse and gargle for 90 seconds, attempt to get the rinse as far back as possible without gagging. After gargling, spit out the rinse. (Do not eat or drink anything for the next 15 minutes). If some of the rinse is swallowed, do not be alarmed. It is completely safe if digested.

Important Note:

These instructions above are to be followed 3 times a day, usually after breakfast, after lunch, and at bed time. It is important that you remember not to use any water with these products as they need to remain undiluted. When not in use, always keep the bottle of mouth rinse and the toothgel tube tightly closed and away from direct sunlight. Do not store the mouth rinse in clear plastic bottle for a long period of time.


In some cases, a difference in taste may occur for the first few days after starting to use the products. This is only temporary. It’s due to the oxidation of metals in existing dental restorations and the new sensitivity of your clean taste buds. To overcome this taste, apply baking soda to your toothbrush before placing the Toothgel on it. (This counteracts any acidity you may have in your mouth).


In some cases, it may be necessary to swallow 1 capful after the morning session, and another capful before bedtime. This step is to be accomplished immediately after step 5 above. The purpose is to reach bacteria that are beyond your 'gagging point' and therefore have not yet had contact with the rinse compound.