Smile Fresh Breath Center

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

1. What is Chronic Bad Breath?

Chronic bad breath and bad taste problems are most often caused by the overpopulation of certain types of bacteria naturally present in the mouth. These bacteria are found specifically on the base of the tongue, the rough surface of the tongue and in between the teeth. The bacteria feed on the protein in saliva and tissues producing large amounts of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's). It is generally these sulfur compounds that mix with mouth air to form bad breath. In addition, the following conditions may also contribute to bad breath problems:

  • stress
  • hunger
  • certain foods
  • systemic diseases and conditions
  • alcohol, tobacco and medications
  • dental diseases and conditions
  • hormonal changes and metabolic disorders

2. What is Dry Mouth?

Oral dryness can be the result of insufficient production of saliva. More often, we find that the dry and pasty feeling described by our clients is a response of the tongue and tissues of the mouth to an increased VSC production. Once the oral bacteria are reduced and their by-products eliminated, the sensation disappears and there is no longer a complaint of oral dryness.

3. Are all Bad Breath conditions the same?

The odour of the breath depends on the type of VSC's that the bacteria produce. For example, hydrogen sulphide smells like stale cooked eggs while methyl mercaptan has a penetrating pungent odour. Both of these gases are usually present in bad breath along with other compounds also produced by the bacteria. The blending of all gaseous compounds is what determines the kind of bad breath that is present at any given time. In addition, many physical and medical conditions can add their own distinctive odours to the mix.

4. I think I have bad breath, but I'm not sure. How can I get full assessment and treatment to find out?

We offer consultations with an experienced clinician who will measure your breath and help you decide whether or not your problem requires treatment. If your test results indicate any oral health problems, we will gladly inform you and recommend further testing and/or treatment. If your symptoms aren't that serious, we will likewise inform and advice you to get rid of the problem. In either case we will give you the information you need to choose the right solution for your individual problem, without any obligation or pressure to buy anything you don't want or need.